Capture Best Shot of your Desktop Screen with Screen2Exe

Have you ever imagined about how you could share your browsing activities on your computer with others?  It means if you want to share any specific windows screen message with your friends regarding help, then how will you be able send that screen shot.

There is a solution of this problem named Screen2Exe. It is the best utility application that allow user to capture screen shots of desktop and store it into image format on the computer hard disk. User can easily execute these stored image file and share with their friends.

You just need to install this utility application on computer and launch it. Once you have launched it on computer click on “Start Recording” in order to execute recording process. You can set the FPS (Frame per Second) according to your preferences from slow (1) to high (2).

You can set hotkeys to control it by keyboards such as by default F9 & F10 to stop the recording process. Once process will be ended you will get some options to edit recording file according to your preferences to optimize its quality and resolutions. Once you are finished with editing, it will be stored in specified location on your hard disk.

The exe file is completely audio enabled that make this application more useful. This application is really useful for everyone especially when you are troubleshooting and encounter some problem during process. So in that case you can record and send the executable file to your friends to get the suggestions and tips.

Lecturers can distribute their learning materials to students easily. Screen2Exe application is compatible with Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista. This application is totally free download, so you can easily download it here. This surely is one application that you might want to have on your personal computers.


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