If you are looking for an efficient anonymous proxy tool, then GPass is the right tool for you. If privacy during your browsing session is your prior concern, then GPass has some of the most incredible security measures to guard your private information. GPass is today one of the best tools for enabling anonymous web browsing.

This tool basically functions by hiding your IP address and presenting you as an anonymous user whenever you visit any website. This application encrypts all your online interactions with your friends, new website owner, etc. This prevents any third party from hacking your personal data or browsing habits. You can thus carry your online banking transactions and reveal your personal details with an anonymous status. You can also check your personal email without the fear of being hacked.

GPass basically works by tunneling your connections with the intervention of its own proxy servers. This helps the application to set up its own proxy security system. When you download the tool, you will notice numerous tunneled applications on its interface. When you want to use any one of the applications with an anonymous status, just add it to the list. In case you want to visit or download any site anonymously, just add the browser to the list.

It is portable anonymous proxy tool that can bypass all the internet blocking and censorships without any hassles. Thus it can be used at homes, offices as well as schools. It is ideal for both commercial and home use.

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