This, one simple change, to the way I used to link to other authority sites from my posts, helped me improve the CTR of my AdSense and other publisher networks.

Habitually, I link to other – related sites, quotes, or referral sites and such. Earlier, while linking to external sites, I just linked and did nothing else. But its not the same anymore. I add ‘ target=”_blank” ‘, to all my external links i.e. for example if I’m linking to wordpress, my link structure will look like :

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>wordpress</a>

If you use wordpress as the blogging software then, you get an exclusive option which adds ‘ target=”_blank” ‘ to the links.

One simple trick that helped me improve my CTR - Click Through Rate

So what happens with this ?

This little change to the way the external links are opened, will force open the ‘pointing URL’ in a new window or tab. So, once the readers are done with reading through the content on the other site and upon closing that site, will return back to your site.

Hence, this helps you retain your visitors and increases the chances of showing your profit element to your visitors, which inturn results in higher CTR.



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