OmniDrive was an online virtual storage system. It was an intuitive online drive with a capacity of 1 GB. This drive allowed users to easily share, access and publish their files from any part of the world. One could easily share your files saved online or at their desktop, at the convenience of a single click. This application integrated all the storage devices located in several computers. It would let you gain an access to all the files and folders shared by your friends.

One of the most impressive features of OmniDrive was that it can be easily accessed through a web client or desktop client. Further, it could read and write directly on the stored file using the applications like Office / remote server. This meant that you could conveniently, open, edit and save the file without having to download a copy.

In addition, it allowed users to instantly share their online creations with their friends and colleagues. It gave freedom to users to decide who all among their friend list could view their creation. Further, with this application one could easily edit their  spreadsheets on Zoho’s web. It also had the inbuilt facility to maintain a folder for saving all the updated data. “Live Folder” was one such feature that if subscribed to RSS feeds all the new content that appears on net would automatically downloaded in this folder.

All this was in the past – read the current state of OmniDrive , well this is the sad part about saving your data online, you never know what will run long enough. It’s always better to have two copies of your important data, one offline and one online !


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