Not everybody has Microsoft word installed on their system. I’m actually typing this post out from my server. It’s a quickie, I found some thing really cool and wanted to share with all my readers.

While working on the company server (Microsoft Windows 2003) I had to check the word count of an article I was glancing through. Don’t ask me why :).

If it was my laptop, I’d open Microsoft word, select highlight the content and press Alt + T + W . But now the problem was, Microsoft Office was not installed on the server I was working on.

I love situations like this, which otherwise I would not encounter in my day to day life, which helped me bump into a cool site.

If in case you ever face a similar situation, you use this fast and free online word counting tool :

You get the answer real quick, it’s a simple Javascript, but really a handy tool :). A real cool find which I’ll use more often now 🙂

Now it’s time for online character count tool 😉 .. may be I’ll write one 🙂


This tool is very handy for Wordpad users as Wordpad doesn’t have inbuilt word count feature.


  1. I found a site with a JavaScript code for online word calculator so that you can build it in on your web page:
    but would need somebody to help tweak a little bit, since I would also like to have the number of lines.
    Also looking for a possibility to multiply the result with, say, a word price to generate an order or quote request form for translations. Any help greatly appreciated. Thx


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