Online Remote Drive From Opendrive Providing 1 GB Of Free Space

Creating a backup for all your important data has never been so easy in this technologically advanced age. One can store, create back up, share large files with devices like DVD, pen drive, portable hard drive. The stored data can be transferred easily with these resources.

One can upload files using hosting services and later download from any part of the world. Sharing data using Hosting Service Providers allows many users to get an access to the data at the same time from different locations. These services do not come without any problems; first of all they are costly. A new service called “opendrive” will be a befitting answer to all your uploading, downloading and cost issues.

Opendrive is a distant drive which offers approximately 100 gigabytes for a single computer. One can store, create backups, and share any number of files on internet from your personal computer. It is easy to upload, create backups for huge data files, save on this drive without using any web browsers. One can drag & drop, paste files from your local drives on this remotely accessed drive.

Files stored on Opendrive can be shared with other people if you have authorized them to read, copy, and save these files. Such people are also required to be opendrive users to share, view your stored files. An opendrive account can be accessed with the help of an internet device from” website.

Users who are concerned about virus attacks, security, and data theft need not worry as Opendrive has solution to these problems too. Its Privacy Policy assures users that such a thing will never happen.

The latest opendrive version is 1.1 and available for both Windows XP and windows Vista operating systems. Mac users are deprived of this drive.

Presently opendrive users can register for a Beta Account. They are provided with 1 Gigabytes of memory space. All registered users are charged $1 for 1 gigabytes size annually, an additional opendrive space of 100 GB can also be obtained on request. This service is great for users who are always on travel for business purposes.


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