Online gaming has always been a popular gaming platform that has attracted thousands of players however a fairly new platform is available to gamers. This platform was released last year on June 17 and allows players to experience a wide variety of games from their computer via a cloud based gaming platform. This new platform is called OnLive and has been a godsend to gamers with low end computers and no other gaming consoles.

The whole premise behind OnLive is to allow gamers everywhere to play the games they want on their computer regardless of their computer’s capabilities. The only thing that players need to play OnLive games is a computer that will run video and an internet connection faster than, or equal to, 2Mbit/s.

What computers/devices can OnLive run on?

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac computers
  • Android phones and iPhones
  • iPad tablets and Android tablets

So what games are available on OnLive?

Well, with over fifty different publishers offering their games on OnLive, there is a fairly extensive selection of games for players to choose from; from classic, to indie, and even modern games, all are available on OnLive.

Publishers include: Ubisoft, Epic Games, Warner Bros., Eidos Interactive, Take-Two, and more.

Some titles include: Assassins Creed Revelations, Saints Row The Third, L.A. NoireNBA 2K11, Red Faction, Prince of Persia, Tomb Raider, The Witcher, Lego Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Elements of War, Fallout 2, F.E.A.R 2 and 3, and many more titles.

So what’s the cost?

Of course this amazing service isn’t free, however gamers can rest easy knowing it doesn’t cost too much either. If a player wants to own a game they can pay a bit under retail price for most of the games, however if they simply want to rent the game they pay under ten bucks for a bit under a week.

The new games will most likely cost a bit more however some of the older games are fairly cheap and quite enjoyable to revisit!

Overall opinion of OnLive

OnLive is a unique gaming platform that allows gamers to enjoy all of the games they want from a variety of devices. Another great feature is the fact that the games are stored on cloud services ensuring that no space is taken up on the devices. For the price, this service is an excellent deal.



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