While we all know how to bookmark our favorite sites and directly go to them while browsing by selecting them from the Bookmarks menu, what we do not have is the power to have your bookmark collection right at your fingertips. Moreover as your list of bookmarks steadily increases, this task becomes even more frustrating. The end result of this problem is that you have to start typing the website URLs in the address bar instead of directly going to your bookmarked site. Quite defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

Firefox has come up with a great solution for your problem. You now have the facility to attach keywords to your bookmarks and frequent web searches to help locate them in a matter of seconds. Here is how you can incorporate the fine art of browser bookmarking in conjunction with keyword shortcuts to make your life a whole lot easier

For creating a keyword shortcut for a bookmark in Firefox, go to the Bookmarks Library option and select the bookmark for which you need the keywords to be assigned. Select on More to view the Keyword and its text field, followed by which you can enter single or multiple keywords for the bookmark. Close the window and allow Firefox to save your bookmarks automatically. This process ensures that the next time you want to visit a website, you just need to go to the address bar, type in the keyword and press enter to view your favorite sites.

This method of assigning keywords shortcuts to your bookmarks in Firefox can dramatically increase your browsing speed and reduce the hassles of having to squint through your long list of bookmarks to find your favorite sites. Instead simply start assigning keywords and make your browsing experience in Firefox free of any more hassles.


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