How to Open Run Command Prompt in Multiple Tabs

If you need to use command prompt frequently and want to open in different tabs (tabbed feature in command prompt), then console utility is the best alternative. Usually command prompt opens in multiple separate windows that could me irritating for users to work on them. Sometimes users need to do their work in multiple commands prompt, and then they have to open multiple command prompts in different windows.

You can get rid of this tiresome work using Console utility application that allows users to get access to various command prompts in multiple tabs of one window.

Console is completely freeware that allows users to open command prompt in different tabs instead of opening in new separate window. It will reduce crowd of the taskbar which will be flooded with different windows if you open command prompt in different windows.

It allows users to customize style of cursor, font color, transparency level for both active and non-active windows, etc. It let you make your working more easier by providing hot keys such as Shift + Insert to paste text, Ctrl + Insert to copy text, Ctrl+F1 to open new command prompt in next tab and many more. Additionally you can change hotkeys according to your convenience and preferences. These all features come with the installation package of this utility.

It does not require any kind of installation because it is a standalone utility application. All you need to do just download it from here and launch it. It is quite portable to run from anywhere such as USB flash drive.


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