If you want a simple, free and powerful PDF creator, I’ve already covered PDF reDirect. There are two versions of PDF reDirect available – the one I’ve reviewed in my previous post is the free one (that alone is enough for most of your day-today needs) and the one I’m gonna cover in this article is the Pro version.

The pro version of PDF reDirect has all the features available in the free version and has the following features as well :

1> You can create PDF’s that are optimized to load quickly in websites. This saves the bandwidth of the website and also the disk space of the website’s server.

2> One of the best features of PDF reDirect pro is the ability to create click-able hyperlinks in PDFs. This will allow you to embedd links with-in text in PDF.

3> If the PDF you have created has a wide reach, then one of the biggest problems can be font compatibility. Different browsers, different applications, and different publishing companies will have various font needs. It is very essential to optimize your font to be compatible across wide range of applications and browsers and PDF reDirect Pro makes this possible.

4> Want to share the PDF you created, with your friends via E-Mail or upload it directly to the FTP server to share it with your website readers, it can be achieved with PDF reDirect Pro.

5> You can add attachments like Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Word Documents within the PDF file.

6> Creating your company related PDF document or personal brand related document, you can attach customized stamps and watermarks to the PDF files you’ve created.

7> You can lock, unlock and unprotect the created PDF files.

There are tons of other nifty features. I’d say, if you want an affordable solution to your PDF needs then youn should consider PDF reDirect !

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