Window’s DreamScene is the newest versatile application that allows the users to optimize videos, wall papers and other means of animation to use as their wallpapers. This application has been designed by Microsoft and is only supported by Windows Ultimate Edition. One of the key advantages offered by Window’s DreamScene over other applications that work towards optimizing wall papers, is that DreamScene makes a potent use of GPU, instead of CPU for displaying images. When the users switch to running programs that utilize the full-screen page, the video set as the wall paper automatically stops. This video wall paper can be stopped as when required via manual means as well.

A running video set as the background wall paper will consume a lot of battery life of your PC. By installing DreamScene in your system, your animated video may become static when your system is running on the battery. If your Windows Vista is not the enhanced ultimate edition, you can still access the DreamScene application. First and foremost, you need to load your system with a VLC player. After, the installation has been completed, open the player and go to its settings. Follow the path, Settings > Preferences > Video > Output Modules > Direct X.

Then click on the advanced tool box to access the settings of Direct X. Select the most appropriate wall paper mode from the options and save the settings. Then follow the path, Navigate to Settings > Preferences > Interface > Main Interfaces > wxWidgets, click on the taskbar and enjoy a fabulous wall paper in your system.

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