Sometime ago, I wanted to edit and organize a PDF quickly. I did not have time to download and test any software to do this job and hence I wanted a free online PDF editor.

I found PDF Hammer, which is supposed to be a Free Online PDF editor. As the description at PDFHammer says, we don’t need to download or install anything. We can just upload an existing PDF, and start editing.

However, I was expecting something else, and this turned out totally different. What I was looking for was to edit the content of the PDF. All I had to change was address in an existing PDF, but there was NO such feature – to edit text or an image in PDF Hammer.

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PDFHammer is good if you want merge and polish multiple PDF files into one using their “Combine” feature. Rearrange the order, delete or add new pdf files and even update the metadata of the PDF.

One of the coolest feature of PDFHammer is that you can make any PDF Password Protected Online, for free. I’ll use PDFHammer again for this feature alone !

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