Organize Your Desktop Properly Using Deskcretary

Usually we dump our most of the files and shortcuts over the desktop and never bother about organizing them properly to get an easy access. We do like that because we believe saving files, folders, programs and emails on the desktop is the best way to get an instant access to anyone of them.

However, it is not in the favor of your desktop appearance and computer performance as well. Dumping all the files on the desktop is not advisable because the entire desktop will be messed up with these stored files. Sooner or later users will face difficulties in order to locate any files and folders on the desktop. So what you need to do to incorporate, is arranging and organizing the entire desktop icons and folders in a proper manner.


There is an application named, Deskcretary that can assist you in organizing your desktop. It is a free application that allows you to organize your desktop manually or automatically at predefined schedules. It cleans-up the desktop and removes unwanted files and folders from the desktop. Besides this, the users can get access to stored files in the archive folder of Deskcretary. It means, whenever you are in hurry and want to locate any file or folder, you can easily find them using this application.

It is compatible with Windows Vista and XP. You can easily download it from here and install. Once you installed it on your computer this application creates a specific folder on the desktop. This folder stores all the archive and folders, and categorizes them accordingly like image files, text files, compressed files, and application files. Now users either can opt for Windows explorer to access the folders or use inbuilt Deskcretary Explorer of this application. You can easily access them via this application whenever you want without any hassles.


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