Recently I set up osTicket 1.3.1 as a support system software on one of my sites. There was one problem when I tried logging in as test users and tried to view details of the dummy ticket I had submitted. I encountered ‘Access Denied’ when I tried viewing ticket details. But if logged in as an Admin, there was no problem.

After searching a few forums, I figured the problem was due to wrongly configured php.ini file on server. Though the fix was not mentioned, the person claimed to have fixed it by setting the php.ini settings. I have no clue how php.ini setting can fix this issue though 🙂

Later I read somewhere, that this happens only with the osTicket script installed through fantastico, as fantastico installs an outdated version of osTicket (1.3+ ) and also learnt that upgrade from osTicket 1.3+ version to 1.6+ version can be very messy, as there are a lot database changes and there is no direct way of upgrading.

The solution for this problem is to install the latest version of osTicket and follow the instructions given on the site. It’s simple, straight forward and very easy to follow. I could install the latest version without any problem.

If it’s a fresh install then you are safe. If you already have a previous version of osTicket with a lot of tickets and details in there, then you better take help of commercial support osTicket offers as I did not find any alternative free solution for this.


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