iOS10 Tips and Tricks – Remove or Add Widgets from Home Screen

iOS 10 is around the corner and a lot of new features are bound to be added to it. Along with the new features are the new tips and tricks that you can use to customize iOS 10 on your iPhone or iPad to suit your requirements. Learn how to remove or add widgets from home screen in iOS 10 on your Apple device.

With the launch of iOS 10, iPhone and iPad users can add widgets to the search screen. The search screen can be access by swiping left or right on the home screen or the lock screen.

Remove or Add Widgets from Home Screen

iOS 10 features you need to know

Remove or Add Widgets from Home Screen – iOS 10

New widgets are being added in iOS 10. You can add the news widget, events widget or a calendar widget. You also get a music widget, a weather widget and many more.

First, you have to download the beta 1 version or enroll for the public beta that will be out in July. If you are not the risk taking kind, wait for the official iOS10 release in September.

Access widgets by swiping right on the home screen/lock screen.

Tap Edit>find the widget you want> tap the ‘+’ green icon next to each of the widgets you want to add.

Tap done when you are finished adding widgets.

To remove widgets, access widgets by swiping right on the home screen/lock screen.

Tap Edit>find the widget you want> tap the ‘-‘ red icon next to each of the widgets you want to remove.

To disable widgets on the home screen/lock screen, you can do the following:

Settings>Touch ID & passcode> enter your passcode

Scroll down to Allow access when locked.

Disable the toggle next to Today

It’s that simple! Enjoy trying out the different widgets in iOS 10!

Fix apps crashing in iOS 10 beta

Safari Running Slow on iOS10 – Fix

The much awaited iOS 10 is expected soon and the beta version is already out. A lot of users including yours truly have already started to try and test it out. One of the things that iOS10 has for Safari users is the Split-view mode. As iOS 10 is still in the beta mode, it is not really expected to run smoothly. Apart from the usual problems, one of the new problems is that of Safari running slow on iOS10. Here are some tips and tricks to fix it.

Safari Running Slow on iOS10 - Fix

Safari Running Slow on iOS10 – Fix

Clear history and website data

Launch settings app>Safari> Clear history and website data>Clear history and data. Confirm when asked.

Fix apps crashing in iOS10 beta

Close Safari tabs

Safari> Tap and hold on the tabs icon (bottom right corner)

Tap on close tabs.

Disable background refresh

Settings>general>Background app refresh> Toggle it off.

Clean Up your reading list

Go to settings>general>Storage & iCloud Usage>manage storage> Safari

Tap on edit on the top right corner of the screen.

Tap on the red button on the left and then tap delete. Confirm when asked for it.

Reset network settings

Settings>general>Reset>Reset network settings>Reset network settings.

Confirm when asked for.

Finally, disable location services. This is a general tip and can also help solve other issues with the iOS10 beta.

That’s it! Hopefully, these methods will help you speed up the Safari browser on your iOS10 device. Let us know if you have any more solutions which have worked!

Where to bury dead pets in Bangalore

Pets are very common these days and a lot of people enjoy having them. From dogs and kittens to bunnies, pet owners have a large choice. But what happens when the pet dies? A lot of owners are unaware of the facilities that exist in Bangalore for burial of pets. Here is a list of places that you can bury your pet in Bangalore. This should answer the question of ‘Where to bury dead pets in Bangalore’

Where to bury dead pets in Bangalore

BBMP Animal crematorium

bury dead pets in Bangalore2

Location: Adjacent to KSRTC Depot, Sumanahalli, Magadi Road.

Contact: 080-23289422

Opened in November 2015, the crematorium is spread over 3 acres of land and is adjacent to the human crematorium. As of December 2015, 27 dogs and a horse have been cremated.

bury dead pets in Bangalore

The facility has 2 incinerators: One for pets (small animals) and the other for livestock. Pet owners who wish to get the ash of their cremated pets can do so as well.

Cost: Rs. 300 for small animals and Rs. 1000 for big animals. Stray animals are cremated free of cost.

Pet owners who wish to cremate their pet must also bring a wooden ramp. It is also available at a nominal cost of Rs. 150 from a shop close to the crematorium.

According to BBMP officials, the crematorium is open 24 hours.

People For Animals Burial ground

Operated by the non-profit organization People for Animals, the six acre burial ground witnesses an average of 70 burials per month.

bury dead pets in Bangalore_3

Location: Adjacent to BGS hospital, Kengeri.

Contact: +91 9900025370 / +91 8197155004

Costs: Regular burial: Rs. 4500. (The buried space will be used again after a year.) Special burial: Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 25,000. (A graveyard will be built and the space will not be reused for 3 years.)

Also, animal welfare NGOs such as Karuna Animal Welfare association and KRUPA Animal Hospital and Shelter have developed their own burial ground to cremate animals that die in the shelter home.

In the future, more crematoriums are planned by the BBMP in different parts of the city so that pet owners can bid adieu to their dear pets easily and without problems.

Restore backup on Apple Watch – How To

With the Apple Watch, you really don’t have to worry about backing up your data or restoring it. Apple Watch backs up its data automatically. It also allows you to restore previous backups when you pair it with your iPhone. Learn how you can Restore backup on Apple Watch.

Backup is made only when you unpair the Apple Watch from the iPhone. Therefore, you cannot restore your Apple watch to a previous setting unless you unpair it from your iPhone.

Restore backup on Apple Watch

Check step count with Apple Watch

Restore backup on Apple Watch – How To

  • Turn on your Apple Watch.
  • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap on ‘Start Pairing’.
  • After you pair it with your iPhone, you need to tap on ‘Restore from Backup’. Select the backup you want to use for restoring. Tap on agree for the terms and conditions.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID. Select OK to turn on Location Services, SIRI and allow diagnostics.
  • Choose a passcode for your Apple Watch. At this point, you can also choose if you want your Apple Watch to unlock automatically when your iPhone is unlocked.

Now, your Watch will complete the syncing process and restore the backup you selected. All you need to do is wait till the process is complete.

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Play Halo 5 for Free on Xbox One

Halo is one of the most celebrated and popular franchises in first person shooter genre of games. A lot of gamers have enjoyed the game and its story over the years, and new fans are found every day. Now, Microsoft is giving Xbox One owners the chance to play the full version of Halo 5 for free. If you have a Xbox One, all you need to do is get a Xbox live Gold subscription. You can play Halo 5 for free from June 29 to July 5.

Play Halo 5 for free on Xbox One_2

Top 5 Android Multiplayer games

Play Halo 5 for free on Xbox One

In this limited period offer, from June 29 to July 5, you can play Halo 5 for free. Microsoft has provided this offer to celebrate the release of the Warzone Firefight Update.

The new update will add tons of features such as a new gameplay mode, three new maps and also many other content. The new Warzone update will launch on June 29 as well.

Also, there will be more surprises that will be revealed by Microsoft in the next few days approaching Warzone Firefight’s release. Keep your fingers crossed!

Play Halo 5 for free on Xbox One

So what are you waiting for! Get out there and save the universe! What is your favorite Halo game?

How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Pendrive

The shortcut virus is a well known virus that most pendrives get affected with one time or the other. Due to this, all the files and folders get changed into shortcut files. The original ones get hidden. If your pendrive has this virus, it will also affect the program files in the computer. Learn how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive.

A file called ‘Autorun.inf’ is the most common virus that is found in pendrives. This can spread rapidly via memory cards, pendrives, the internet and bluetooth connections. Here are 3 methods to solve this issue.

Remove Shortcut Virus from Pendrive

Best alternative to Connectify hotspot software

How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Pendrive

  • Remove virus using Command Prompt.
    • This is one of the successful methods to remove the virus.
    • Go to start>run>cmd
    • Go to the infected location
    • Type: F:*.* /d /s -h -r -s
    • Replace F with the infected drive’s name. Press enter.
  • Using Antivirus
    • Install any antivirus such as Microsoft Security Essentials or Avast for Windows PC. This is another surefire method to remove the virus.
  • Using Virus remover software
    • There is a dedicated software that can eliminate the virus on the go. This is another handy tool and will automatically remove all shortcut files and folders. It will also restore the original files and folders. This is the quickest and easiest way to get yourself rid of this virus. Download it here.

So that’s that! That is the way to remove this annoying virus. In the future, take precautions to make sure you will not get the virus again.

  • Disable autorun.
  • Scan for virus before using portable drives, pendrives etc.
  • Be careful about using portable media in public PCs.
  • Keep your antivirus software up to date.
  • Do not access/download anything from harmful/ suspicious websites.

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How to Fix Apps crashing in iOS 10 Beta

With the new iOS 10 announced recently at WWDC 2016, Apple has claimed it to be the biggest ever iOS update ever made. Various users who have installed the iOS 10 beta to test it in advance have been having issues with apps crashing. This is normal, considering iOS 10 is still in its beta version. But there are some tried and tested methods that can help to fix the issue of apps crashing in iOS 10 beta. Try them out if you are experiencing similar problems.

Apps crashing in iOS 10 Beta

iOS 10 Features you should know

Apps crashing in iOS 10 Beta – How to fix

  • Reboot your phone.
  • Check out app updates.
  • Make sure that you have the updated apps on your iPhone. This solves the problem on many different occasion. To update all apps, click on App Store>Updates>Update All.
  • Turn of background app refreshing
  • When WiFi or cellular data is on, apps keep refreshing. Turn this feature off. It will help conserve battery and to fix this problem
    • Go to settings>general
    • Tap on background app refresh and toggle it off.
  • Disable automatic app download
    • tap on settings>iTunes and App Store> Toggle off auto download
  • Delete an app and reinstall it.Finally, if none of the methods worked, reset your phone. To do so, go to settings>genera>Reset>reset all settings.
  • If nothing works, downgrade to iOS 9.3.2. A short guide on how to do so can be found here.

iPhone 7 Concepts that Will make you drool

Do you know of any other methods to fix issue of apps crashing in iOS10 beta? Let me know in the comments below.

iPhone 7 Concept Designs You Would Want to See!

It is no surprise that Apple intends to shake up the smartphone industry with the upcoming iPhone 7. The design will remain similar to the previous iPhones, but the tech would be a first among iPhones and many comparable smartphones. Some of the upgrades include a dual camera, smart connector to say the least. Check out the iPhone 7 concept designs that are doing the rounds.

While the tech certainly has massive upgrades, the design does not feature much changes (at least not until iPhone 8 that would come out in 2017-18). But that shouldn’t stop us from drooling over some amazing concept designs for the iPhone 7 that have been spotted on the web. Check out the iPhone 7 Concept designs you would want to see!

iOS 10 features you should know!

iPhone 7 Concept Designs

iPhone 7 Concept Designs_1

  • This concept design looks gorgeous, with the curved display and the free flowing screen.

iPhone 7 Concept Designs_2

  • Now, a modular phone with something like this would be great. Not so sure about the touchscreen option for the buttons though

iPhone 7 Concept Designs_3

  • Absolutely stunning! Looks a bit too big to fit in my pocket. I would be more worried about dropping the phone than ever before.

iPhone 7 Concept Designs_4

  • Thin and fab. A size zero concept that looks surely to bend if I keep it in my pocket.

iPhone 7 Concept Designs_5

  • Does it come with Augmented reality and Iron Man style tech such as HUD and Holographic displays? That would be cool!

iPhone 7 Concept Designs_6

  • Looks a bit too similar to the Samsung Galaxy phones, or is it the other way around?

Top 10 iPhone facts for the iPhone geek!

Any interesting concepts catch your eye on the web? Show us in the comments below!

Top 5 Free Android Multiplayer Games

Game buff? Need to play with friends on your Android smartphone, but unsure which games to play or which are free? Here is a list of the top 5 Free Android Multiplayer games that you can play with your friends.  Enjoy the fun and the madness of the multiplayer experience on your Android smartphone. All the games are free and you can download them from the PlayStore. All you need is a WiFi, LAN or BlueTooth connection to play these games with your friends.

Top 5 Free Android Multiplayer Games

Asphalt 8: Airborne

One of the best racing games for Android that is out there at the moment! The graphics are stunning and there are real world cars such as the Lamborghini Veneno, etc to drive. You can play with upto 8 friends in multiplayer mode. You can also use a LAN connection to play this game with your friends!

Top 5 Free Android Multiplayer Games_1

Download Asphalt 8: Airborne

Dungeon Hunter

If you are not into racing games, here is an action-RPG game that you can play with your friends. It has a good storyline, graphics and has one of the best co-op multiplayer modes to play with your friends.

Top 5 Free Android Multiplayer Games_Dungeon Hunter

Download Dungeon Hunter

Gun Bros Multiplayer

If COD is more your thing, then this is the game to play multiplayer with your friends. Check it out!

Top 5 Free Android Multiplayer Games_Gun Bros

Download Gun Bros Multiplayer

NOVA 3: Freedom Edition

A Sci-Fi FPS game that has the most to offer for FPS fans. You can play multiplayer with upto 12-players in over 7 multiplayer modes. Download this if you want an amazing and interesting experience!

Top 5 Free Android Multiplayer Games_NOVA 3

Download NOVA 3: Freedom Edition

Blitz Brigade – Online FPS Fun

With a 12 player multiplayer mode, play one of the best FPS games for Android on your platform! It will not disappoint you. It reminds me of the old school GTA and GTA II.

Top 5 Free Android Multiplayer Games_Blitz Brigade

Download Blitz Brigade – Online FPS Fun