How do I paste simple arithmetic equations into a calculator and get results?

Quite some time ago I wrote how to download a free calculator for windows, which can plot graphs and solve complex equations.

Some one wanted to know how to paste simple arithmetic equations into a calculator and get results. Here’s the simple procedure to achieve this:

1. Select the equation in the document.

2. Press CTRL + INS (Insert button as seen on some keyboards) to […] Continue Reading…

How To Get Large Icons On Vista Desktop?

I did write about some of Microsoft Windows XP tips and tricks earlier on. Those tips were aimed at XP users, and this time around it’s for the Vista users :).

Vista is known for having an excellent and extremely lively interface for users. Here’s a tip on how to get large display icons on desktop.

1) Click on your Desktop.

2) press Ctrl + Scroll […] Continue Reading…

How To Disable The Security Centre Alerts in Windows XP

Windows XP SP2 comes with loads of security features but also with its own share of constantly bugging remainders regarding antivirus, firewall and windows update.

This post will teach you how to disable those tiny little balloon tips. 😉

Click on the warning balloon when it pops up. It will open the security centre.

Now the last option from top that reads “Change the way security […] Continue Reading…

Windows Vista Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some commonly used Windows Vista Shortcuts. The Flip 3-D shortcuts will only work on versions of Vista that have the feature.

Ctrl+Shift+Esc:-Opens the Task Manager.

Ctrl+Alt+Del:-Opens Tasks Screen.

Ctrl+Shift+Enter: – Run an executable with elevated privileges (admin)

Windows logo key + 1-0:- Launch the shortcuts on the Quick Launch toolbar

Windows logo key + T: – Cycles through programs on […] Continue Reading…

Free Study notes and class lectures from leading Universities

‘Computer Applications’ is a vast area. There are great deal of computer reference books and materials available online. It’s not necessary that one has to buy most of the books. In fact, it’s practically impossible to buy all those hefty priced reference books. So, I decided to use Google and lurked around for free information. I was not surprised to find that most […] Continue Reading…

Download A Free Calculator Capable Of Plotting Graphs And Solving Complex Equations

If you are looking around to download a free, powerful calculator, which is capable of plotting graphs and solving complex equations for XP, then your search ends here.

Microsoft Powertoys provides such a calculator for free download Powertoy from Microsoft Site.

This Calculator lets you create graphs, solve equations and comes packed with a whole bunch of other advanced features.

It’s free for XP , MediaCenter […] Continue Reading…

How To Send exe,dll,ocx,bat,zip,tar,tgz,taz,z,gz Files Through GMAIL

Tutorial to send Executable files like exe, dll, ocx, bat, zip, tar, tgz, taz, z, gz Files Through GMAIL.

The world is slowly shifting towards GMail, easy-to-use interface, a lot of services integrated making life easier,, ajax loading, inline chat, lot more to name.

The other day, I wanted send across an .exe file to a friend of mine, and figured there was no way […] Continue Reading…

How to install Reliance Net Connect Data Card on Windows Vista x64

Update #1 : A Few incoming searches show that people are looking for Reliance NetConnect Software. You can find Reliance NetConnect software for Machintosh, Windows and Linux here :


This tutorial teaches how to install Reliance Net Connect Data Card on Windows Vista x64.

I recently picked up Huawei Reliance Netconnect datacard from a company outlet in Bengaluru. I currently am on Vista 64 […] Continue Reading…

Problem While Double-Clicking To Open A Flash Drive

Your flash drive doesn’t open when you double-click on the “drive icon” in Windows Explorer, frustrating isn’t it. Most of us have experienced/experience this problem with our flash drives. Thanks to some of the generous Virus and Trojans on our system, which we “inculcate” into our drives from other systems.

This one became a frequent problem and I had to do something to get […] Continue Reading…