How do I paste simple arithmetic equations into a calculator and get results?

Quite some time ago I wrote how to download a free calculator for windows, which can plot graphs and solve complex equations.

Some one wanted to know how to paste simple arithmetic equations into a calculator and get results. Here’s the simple procedure to achieve this:

1. Select the equation in the document.

2. Press CTRL + INS (Insert button as seen on some keyboards) to copy it to the clipboard. Alternatively, press Ctrl + C to copy it.

3. Open Windows Calculator by typing ‘calc’ in the Run box.

Here is a sample equation for you to try. Just copy paste in to the calculator.


Result is 162.

4. Press Ctrl + V

5. The equation gets evaluated and the result displayed.

Note: – If your equation does not have an equal to sign (=) you’ll need to press enter key once to get the result. Easier way will be to add an equal to sign (=) at the end of all your equations :).

How To Get Large Icons On Vista Desktop?

I did write about some of Microsoft Windows XP tips and tricks earlier on. Those tips were aimed at XP users, and this time around it’s for the Vista users :).

Vista is known for having an excellent and extremely lively interface for users. Here’s a tip on how to get large display icons on desktop.

1) Click on your Desktop.

2) press Ctrl + Scroll Up. (This works in any folder too).

Alternatively, you can make them larger then when you select Large Icons from the menu

(Right Click -> View -> Large Icons).

Pretty easy one to get it going :).

How To Disable The Security Centre Alerts in Windows XP

Windows XP SP2 comes with loads of security features but also with its own share of constantly bugging remainders regarding antivirus, firewall and windows update.

This post will teach you how to disable those tiny little balloon tips. 😉

Click on the warning balloon when it pops up. It will open the security centre.

Now the last option from top that reads “Change the way security centre alerts me”

Now it will show a box with three options and three checkboxes corresponding to them.

I would recommend un-checking all three checkboxes to prevent any more of such nagging tips.

Another option is to disable the security centre service that is running by accessing the service menu by typing the following command in the RUN dialog.


Find the security centre service and double clicking on it will reveal its properties. Just change the start-up type to Disabled.

Windows Vista Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some commonly used Windows Vista Shortcuts. The Flip 3-D shortcuts will only work on versions of Vista that have the feature.

Ctrl+Shift+Esc:-Opens the Task Manager.

Ctrl+Alt+Del:-Opens Tasks Screen.

Ctrl+Shift+Enter: – Run an executable with elevated privileges (admin)

Windows logo key + 1-0:- Launch the shortcuts on the Quick Launch toolbar

Windows logo key + T: – Cycles through programs on the taskbar

Windows logo key+ Tab: – Cycles through programs on the taskbar by using Flip 3-D

Ctrl+Windows logo key + Tab: – Use the arrow keys to cycle through programs on the taskbar by using Flip 3-D

Windows logo key+Spacebar: – Bring all gadgets to the front and select Windows Sidebar

Windows logo key+G: – Cycles through Sidebar gadgets

Windows logo key+X: – Open Windows Mobility Centre

Open a folder and press & release Alt: – Show Menu Bar (also works in Internet Explorer)

Free Study notes and class lectures from leading Universities

‘Computer Applications’ is a vast area. There are great deal of computer reference books and materials available online. It’s not necessary that one has to buy most of the books. In fact, it’s practically impossible to buy all those hefty priced reference books. So, I decided to use Google and lurked around for free information. I was not surprised to find that most of the leading universities offered courseware, lecture slides and pdf documents free.

It was useful for me, so it definitely will be useful for a whole lot of other folks. I’ve collected a list of links to the sites where you get free resource/information:

1) The UC Berkeley University courseware.

The number 1 public school in the US offers podcasts and webcasts of their professors lecturing. There are varieties of subjects offered in here. All the subjects tracked by means of RSS feeds so that you can come to know when there is a new lecture available. There are printable notes and even homework is available on the professor’s homepage. The professor’s homepage is available by means of Google search with the name of the professor.

Here are the links to the pages.

UC Berkeley Webcasts

Google Videos page for UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley RSS Feed

Note: – The UC Berkeley’s webcasts are generally in the Real Player format. Therefore, I would advise you to get either the Real Player or the Media Player Classic for XP or 2000 with the Real Alternative Plug-in.

2) MIT Open Courseware.

One of my favourite geek towns of the world MIT is now offering its notes on an open domain. It contains lectures slides and pdf along with homework and even test papers. Sadly, they do not have video lectures like UCB. I did refer them for my Graph theory papers and the notes were nice. The best part is that you can download the entire lecture as a single zip file. It shall include all the lecture notes and slides.

Here are the links.

MIT Open Courseware Course Listings

MIT Open Courseware Online Textbooks

MIT World Public Videos

MIT Podcast: Zigzag (for all you iPod geeks out there)

A Google search link that gives MIT Courses with Video Lectures

3) Carnegie Mellon’s Open learning initiative.

Carnegie Mellon’s ratings almost reach to the shoulders of that of Berkeley’s. Now the registered mode on this website lets you keep a track of your scores and progress across learning courses. They offer 11 courses and most assisted by powerful and interactive Java applets for practice and testing and a collection of e-books that can be section wise viewed inside your web browser.

Here is the link: – Carnegie Mellon OLI

4) Utah State Open Courseware.

The structure here is quite similar to that of MIT but fairly larger course listing is available here.

Here is the link: – Utah State Course Listings

5) Tufts Open Courseware.

Massachusetts based Tufts University also offers its share of the Open Courseware.

Here is where to find it. Tufts Open Course Listings

6) OpenLearn

OpenLearn is a European initiative. The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation support the website. The site contains many courses and a different style of content management. It does look like a large educational e-book library complete with forums for each course and contents.


7) Connexions developed by Rice University is an open content library of the university’s course materials. The database is newbie friendly and it is easy to find contents. They also have content e-books for higher learning to choose.

Connexions Course List

Home of Connexions

8) University of Washington (Computer Science and Engineering)

Here you will find lectures, class notes and even some videos lectures of Washington University’s CS and Engineering departments.

Here is the link to course and video lectures.

9) Wikiversity

Wiki has always been a very nice source of knowledge. Similarly, Wikiversity is a community that contains detailed guides for all subjects ranging from languages to sciences.

Wikiversity & Wikibooks

10) Education.

This site contains archived articles and lectures from various sources. Now there are around 1400 educational resources on this website. Education

I have listed below are some other miscellaneous unsorted links providing resources on various other sources of knowledge. J Have fun exploring them.

Keep on adding links if you can find more, leave comments with links to the sources and I’ll update the list.

Download A Free Calculator Capable Of Plotting Graphs And Solving Complex Equations

If you are looking around to download a free, powerful calculator, which is capable of plotting graphs and solving complex equations for XP, then your search ends here.

Microsoft Powertoys provides such a calculator for free download Powertoy from Microsoft Site.

This Calculator lets you create graphs, solve equations and comes packed with a whole bunch of other advanced features.

It’s free for XP , MediaCenter users.

Simply Download it, install it. Access it from

Start -> All Programs -> Powertoys for XP ->Powertoy Calculator.

For example a Sin Curve can be plotted on this calculator by filling in values for :

Sine wave: f(x)=sin(x)

How To Send exe,dll,ocx,bat,zip,tar,tgz,taz,z,gz Files Through GMAIL

Tutorial to send Executable files like exe, dll, ocx, bat, zip, tar, tgz, taz, z, gz Files Through GMAIL.

The world is slowly shifting towards GMail, easy-to-use interface, a lot of services integrated making life easier,, ajax loading, inline chat, lot more to name.

The other day, I wanted send across an .exe file to a friend of mine, and figured there was no way to send it directly. As part of security measure, GMail does not allow you to send or receive any executable.

In fact, none of the the files ending with “exe, dll, ocx, bat, zip, tar, tgz, taz, z, gz” can get though the Gmail Virus – scanner. Here are some simple ways you can work around this problem:

1) Rename the extension of the exe files to some .jpeg, .bmp or .txt. For example, if the file you want to send is “example.exe or example.bat“, rename the file as “example.jpeg or example.bmp” and send it over. Do not forget to notify the receivers to change the extension back to the original file extension.

2) Another simpler solution is to create self-extracting RAR archive containing your executable file and attach it to your Gmail e-mail (that rhymes ;)). Surprisingly, Gmail doesn’t scan RAR archives for the contents. You can use Winrar for creating RAR archives.

If you do not have Winrar, you can download it for free from here.

**Update** –

If this post doesn’t solve your problem, please read the updated post here.

How to install Reliance Net Connect Data Card on Windows Vista x64

Update #1 : A Few incoming searches show that people are looking for Reliance NetConnect Software. You can find Reliance NetConnect software for Machintosh, Windows and Linux here :


This tutorial teaches how to install Reliance Net Connect Data Card on Windows Vista x64.

I recently picked up Huawei Reliance Netconnect datacard from a company outlet in Bengaluru. I currently am on Vista 64 and wanted to make sure if the Reliance Data card was a plug-n-play or if I needed any extra drivers installed on my system to get the net-card up and running. The guys at the counter confirmed that I would be getting all the necessary softwares for Windows Vista, which left me satisfied.

Little did I know, the customer support had no idea what a 64-bit OS was! When I got the net-card, I realized they had given me 32-bit Vista drivers. The whole experience got worse, being a weird OS that Vista 64 is, it didn’t accept my datacard. The worst was yet to come, the official reliance website didn’t have any drivers for 64 bit.

I had no option but hope that Google would solve my problem. As expected the proficient Google did not let me down. My searching skills coupled with my luck I found all the required drivers on some Thailand Hutchison website.

Here’s the link to Reliance Net Connect Data Card drivers for Windows x64.

Download all the necessary drivers on to your system. Quite a catch, since you do not have net connection yet right 😉 .. You can get it on to your pen drive from the nearest Cyber cafe.

Installing the data card and getting it to work is a very simple process. Must say Reliance folks have Done a great job here.

1> Plug in the datacard and when it asks for the drivers, point to the location where the downloaded drivers are located.

2> Install the dialer software which is packed in the cd-rom.

After installation the application pops up and looks like this.

How to install Reliance Net Connect Data Card on Windows Vista x64

Now the card is online. The next step is to ‘Create a connection‘.

1> Go to Settings->Network Connection Settings.

2> Select New from the dialog box.

3> Put in the username and password as your phone number.

That’s it, you are all set to rock online!!

How to install Reliance Net Connect Data Card on Windows Vista x64

How to install Reliance Net Connect Data Card on Windows Vista x64

The new connection dialog box.

Now there’s another problem with Vista and the dialer software. It keeps on crashing. And there is no known solution to it, atleast not any that I know of. Even though the software crashes, the net connection continues to work fine. The problem is when one wants to disconnect, a re-start of the ‘software’ is necessary.

I’m trying to find a working update to this problem. So expect an update to this article soon ;).

Update from Tiblu ( 7th October 2008 ):

You can download drivers and manuals for Hutch Wireless Card, Airlink MCC510 Wireless Modem, Data Card
USB Modem, USB Modem Huawei USB, Sierra 580, USB Modem Huawei EC226, USB Modem Hutch EC121 from

Problem While Double-Clicking To Open A Flash Drive

Your flash drive doesn’t open when you double-click on the “drive icon” in Windows Explorer, frustrating isn’t it. Most of us have experienced/experience this problem with our flash drives. Thanks to some of the generous Virus and Trojans on our system, which we “inculcate” into our drives from other systems.

This one became a frequent problem and I had to do something to get rid of it. So here’s a “fix / workaround”. You need to “clean” the flash drive first and cleaning the drive is just half the thing. Because the double click actions are stored in a file inside your flash drive named “autorun.inf”. Now this file is generally not visible, not even if you have your show hidden files setting is enabled. The reason is that it is a system file.


This file will contain the root entries, of what files are to be executed when a double click on the flash drive icon is performed. A normal virus scan doesn’t remove these entries from the autorun file, as applications, under normal conditions, do not have the permission to interact or edit files with system attribute.

Plug in your flash drive. Open the command prompt and change directory to be in the root directory of your flash drive. Now type the following command.

attrib –s –h autorun.inf

Make sure you are in the root/main directory of your flash drive. Now after this command executes. The autorun.inf file should be visible. The contents should be somewhat similar to the one shown below.



“The above command governs what the default double click action will be do.”

The following entries are the modified right click entries. These right click entries were hacked to run different Trojan executables.






Coming to the clean up part:

Delete all the lines except the first [autorun]. And save the file. Go to the command prompt again and type the following command:

attrib +h +s autorun.inf.

This should help you solve the double click-to-open issues of your flash drive.

And you can also find out where the Trojan executables are residing. For example in the above case the executables can be found inside Recycler folder, again another hidden folder.