Panasonic has brought out the Lumix, their initial venture, in succession to its line of cameras. Speaking about the connection with cameras is a hint to depict the 13.2 mega pixel CMOS sensor camera and a 3.3″ VGA LCD. It bears almost the same weight as the iPhone, but double its thickness at 17.7mm. Characterizing a mobile version of Panasonic’s Venus Engine image chip, you can consider it a neat competitor to Nokia’s N8.

It was released on Oct 5th at the CEATEC 2010, electronics show in Japan, and probably may be restricted to Japan only. But as nothing is finalized as yet, it should not be an obstacle for people eagerly awaiting its release, to possess one of the top ranked MP cameras with a digital zoom obtained on any mobile cell phones. It has some regular features inclusive of Wi-Fi. Nowhere has mention been made about its video recording capacity, so it is ideal to wait and watch!

Panasonic is cleverly trying to capture the people’s interest by releasing a site, but withholding most of the details. The phone does weigh a little more, but that’s the trick of the trade. It has not disclosed any secrets of the form factor of the phone, a look alike of the Lumix camera. You can see a lot of questions directed towards a clam shell shape, the answers to which was revealed only on 5th Oct, with the official release of the device!

The interesting news is that this device appears to be a camera with a built-in cell phone, instead of the reverse. It also facilitates uploading pictures to Flickr and many other services as well as geo tag your photos instantly. The best part is that you would never forget to charge it each night, considering it a cell phone. You can notice new strategies, where electronic companies have made it customary to introduce new phones in the name of their already well known TV or cameras.

Just as Sony [Bravia] and Sharp [Aquos] have named their phones after their products, likewise, Panasonic gave their name Viera the brand name of its flat panel TV, to some of their advanced technology phones. Although it will initially be restricted to Japan only, Panasonic will gradually reach the European and US markets. It is largely depending on the promise of their Jump Picture Technology, for easily squirting shots to your near and dear ones!


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