Pantech has released its super cool and thin handset –Pantech Laser, which according to AT&T is the slimmest, totally sliding key board phone so far. Coming soon, it is expected to carry along interesting features. Just 9.95mm thick, it definitely qualifies as the thinnest phone. Some other features can be 3.1″ AMOLED Touchscreen, admirable sliding QWERTY keyboard, making texting very easy, 3MP camera, social networking integration and impressive built-in applications such as Drawing Commander giving you access to calls, messages, favourite apps. All you need to do is draw a shape on the screen with you finger. It becomes very easy to meticulously arrange your tasks in order of importance.

You can put down some of Pantech Laser’s features as:-

1> Capability to sync, manage contacts using AT&T Address book.
2> Support for AT&T Navigator, available for $9.99/month, wherein new subscribers get a 30 day free subscription.
3> Support for AT&T Social Net.
4> Access to AT&T Mobile Share.

Pantech Laser can be obtained from AT&T costing $99.99 after a discount of $50 for a 2 year contract, making it one of AT&T’s latest mid-range Android phones. Going by the scheme, you will have to pay a price of $149.99 and after the mail-in discount of $50, you will get a AT&T Promotion Card. A drawback is however, that the laser is a simple ‘fast messaging phone’ for beginners but you will be having only AT&T’s apps for navigation, social networking or other basic tasks.

Its has a unique quality ‘Drawing Commander’ which allows to draw shapes in order to make phone calls or release apps. On the whole, Pantech Laser is the best suited phone for those who like to remain connected to their groups either trough text, email or social networks even without web or apps access.


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