If other people have access to your computer then you’d want to keep some data(personal data) out of reach of other people. By default this feature is not available in Windows, but a former Microsoft employee released a software which is capable of making folders private by password protecting it. The software is Microsoft Private Folder.

Microsoft private folder is a unique tool that helps you protect your personal data away from the access of your colleagues. This tool is immensely helpful when your PC is shared by your kids and friends. You can save your private information in the folder called, “My Private Folder”. This folder will be saved in your account and will be operated through a password selected by the user. However, for running the Microsoft private folder your computer has to be loaded with Microsoft Windows XP, both professional and Media Center Edition, super resolution monitor and a video adapter.

Microsoft private folder does not provide any security against hacking. The function of this tool is just limited to checking the access of other people to your private data. You ought to always remember your solitary password, without which, you will never be able to access your private files. If you forget your password, you will never be able to get hold of your files saves in your private folder. No software or professional’s assistance can help you to crack your password to set another one to retrieve your files.

Microsoft private folder is available for free installation. The tool adopts stringent security steps to protect your password. You can easily import and send across your files without the fear of loss or corruption of the files. To ensure utmost security, the auto lock system locks your folder after some minutes repeatedly. The tool supports both Fat32 and NTFC files.

[ Download Microsoft Private Folder ]



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