Pay With The Tip Of Your Finger

Finger Prints and their identification are extremely useful in a lot of fields these days. The most common use of this technology is to identify criminals and is widely used by the police and other investigation agencies.

The methodology or concept behind this is extremely simple. The fingerprints of the criminal or the person concerned are matched with the available sample and identified. Lately, this technology is being widely used in the field of securities.

The next revolution with respect to fingerprints is the card less payment system. This new technology has been announced by Hitachi and is known as the finger vein money. This technology will allow users to make their payments with just the tip of their finger.


The user or the customer has to register its vein data with the service providers. Whenever you present your finger tip to make a payment, it will be scanned via infrared LED’s and matched with the sample present. The sample if matched with the one present with provider will lead to the payable sum being deducted from your account.

Before releasing the technology to the market, the company has decided to test it for three months. Employees of Hitachi will test the system in their company’s own cafeteria.


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