Paypal Masspay Charges – How Much Is It ?

Previously I’ve written about Paypal Masspay feature. Some today wrote to me asking what are the Paypal Masspay Charges.

If you read my ‘ How Do I Use Paypal MassPay Feature‘ article, you’ll see that I have mentioned about the fee paypa charges, in brief. Let me explain it to you again in detail :

If you use Paypal Masspay, you’ll save a lot of money in transaction fee. Let us say for example, you want to send $500 to a friend or a partner via paypal, and the other person has a premier / business account, then that person will receive $480 after the 3.6% – 4% fee cut.

Now if you send the same amount using Paypals Masspay feature, then the person will receive $499.

Paypal charges 2% or $1 (which ever is lesser) fee per transaction.

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