It’s certainly not a pleasant surprise for Indian webmasters and all Paypal users. I’m talking about the recent outage paypal and IndiPaypal customers are facing

It is painful for all those ‘Indian webmasters’ who depend completely on Paypal for their online monetary transactions, but do we as webmasters have any other better alternative  I’ve used and still will stick on with Paypal, and I have valid reasons to stick to it, the most prominent one being, it is an Ebay company, and eBay Inc. (NasdaqGS: EBAY) is a public listed company and Paypal itself went public sometime back then …

And now coming to the current problem PayPal is facing, I strongly believe it’s got to do with the some policies of RBI. PayPal will be eager and willing to do everything possible to sort out this situation as soon as possible.

I really feel for all webmasters who are completely dependent on PayPal for  their daily lively hood. And I can also assure you that, this issue will be resolved as soon as possible. PayPal will be as eager as you and me to get this right !


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