I was looking for a free PDF creator, which would have no restrictions what so ever. I’ve tried a lot of PDF creators, some of them have ads running in them, so have watermarks, and worse some will have hidden spyware or adware which gets installed on your system, when you install the software.

Having found PDF Redirect, I am happy so far as it addresses some of my most basic requirements when it comes to PDF creation.

Some of the features which make PDF ReDirect my top choice are :

1> we can create PDF files that adhere to universal standard. You can be sure that PDF’s created with PDF ReDirect can be opened and viewed with all PDF viewers.

2> It is compatible with most Windows programs which has ‘Print’ feature available.

3> If you want to preview what your PDF looks like before you can create the PDF, the preview feature is tailor made for you.

4> You never know how the PDF you create will be used. You can optimize the PDF files depending on the end usage – it can be either desktop publishing or published on websites (should be highly optimized as it should not take up lot of bandwidth and space).

5> Other noteworthy features are, PDF’s are ad free, you can merge and encrypt PDF files. The pro version offers a lot more features (I’ll cover about it in an other post).

[ Download PDF reDirect ]

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