Converting PDF Files to Text Format

PDF or Portable Document Format is a file format that is extensively being used these days. There are many procedures to convert any file format into PDF file format. Some of the ways are by using office suite plug in, standalone applications, online services, web based tools, and many more.

The process of converting the file format is very simple, free and easy to follow. However, the main problem arises when we need to convert any file from the PDF file format to text format.

It is very difficult to get a suitable tool for this purpose. The solution that may strike you is rewriting the whole document again, but this is definitely a lengthy and useless process. A better way of doing this is by using the Easy PDF to Text Extractor (download link) application.

This is a free tool that can be easily downloaded and installed from the internet. This is ideal for those users who often need to convert documents from PDF to Text format. This is a very fast program and works by converting multiple PDF documents to the Text format at the same time. The output is, however, not completely accurate and the users have to spend some time doing manual corrections.

Another tool that can be used for the converting purpose is the PDF Undo tool (download link). This can also be downloaded for free from the internet. It is very simple to use as the user just needs to upload the PDF file that they need to convert, convert it, and then download in a Word document the converted file. Here too the converted document is not completely correct and the corrections need to be done manually. This tool can also be used online, without having to download the desktop version.

Both these tools work well on all Windows operating systems.

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