Photo Flash Maker Tool Equipped With A Fully Loaded Slideshow Creator

Photo Flash Maker is a tool which supports in creating free slideshows with a set of free templates and flash effects. This application package covers few preloaded flash templates and flash-effects, making it simpler to create slideshow in a simpler form.

Users can attach custom notes text, photos, and create your slideshow. These flash slideshows can also be used on blogs / website, for simple flash banners or presentations.

Important characteristics of Photo-Flash-Maker Tool are:

  • Individuals can attach audio files to their flash-slideshows.
  • They can also enable the audio buffering feature for all web requirements.
  • Even the hyperlinked texts and images can be streamlined.
  • Also it is preloaded with various Flash-Effects which can be utilized.
  • A complete movie can be created with its “.swf” extensions.
  • It also supports publishing of flash-files on sites / blogs etc,

Photoflash maker is a Freeware, but supports creation of superior quality flash-slideshows. To begin creating your own flash-slideshows easily, get this Flash-Maker at the earliest. Download Link Here.


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