Photovisi Allow To Create Collages Of Photos

Creating photo collages is of great fun and with Photovisi it gets more exciting. It is a user friendly interface where you can collect your favourite pictures. Photovisi is way easy to use with its user friendly wizard.

It has different template from which you can choose any one and after uploading your favourites pictures your collages will be ready in minutes.


Steps to make a photo collages with Photovisi:

  1. Navigate to Photovisi and then click on Start.
  2. You will get more than 18 templates and you can choose any one.
  3. Then you need to add photos from your desktop and to do so click on “add photo” option from the left hand side menu.
  4. You can delete undesired photo or crop or cut the photos the way you want.
  5. Even you can make a photo as collage background
  6. Click the “Save” option in order to save it and your work is done.


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