Picnik – Best Solution For Online Image Editing Revolution

Picnik is an excellent net based photo editing tool, and it is all geared up to put Adobe in a spot of bother, since they were planning on releasing the online version of their Photoshop. Picknik beat them all ends up, however this free tool is still in the beta stage. Picnik has plenty of features with a professional looking interface.

Before I tell you more about this software, you will be interested to know that it allows you to upload the photographs from anywhere, be it from your local drive or from the net. With some of the basic editing and fun creative tools that it offers, you could easily edit the photos that are loaded from Flickr, Picasa, WebCam or from any other websites.

This software has four main tabs namely creative tools, photos, save and share and edit. After signing in to your account (it’s not necessary to log in to the account in order to edit photos, you can do it without registering or logging in), the first tab that you get to see on the top left is ‘Photos’.

You can pull in the photos you want to edit by visiting the first tab, Photos. You will then need to click on the ‘Get Photo’ button to choose the photos that you want to edit from various sources like your computer, WebCam photos, Picasa and others. I opted to edit the photos I have in my Picasa web album, and thus I select the Picasa from the menu on the top.

Picnik will be able to access your Picasa web album only after you agree to click on the Authorize Picnik button. Once you click this button, it will take you to the next screen, which gives you two options, grant access or deny access.

After granting the access, the tool gets linked to your web album. Now, you can edit all the photos through this web based tool, without having to install the Picasa desktop software.

Once it is connected, it will take you to the first tab, which will display your albums on the right side in a combo box. It will take a couple of minutes to get the entire list of your albums that you want to edit.

You will see that all the photos lined up as thumbnails at the bottom half of the screen, from where you can choose the photo you want to edit. I suggest that you be patient while the photo to appears on the screen. I realized that the beta version initially takes a lot of time to stack the pictures.

To edit the selected photograph, you’ll need to click on the small arrow mark at the bottom on the right hand side of the picture.

Select the edit option from the drop down menu, which will take you to the edit screen along with the picture to be modified. On the top across the screen, you will see a number of editing options like resize, color, crop, exposure, auto-fix, red-eye and sharpen.

You will notice that the editing interface responds quickly and is quite easy to work on. It is as good as working on any of your desktop applications. The best part is that even after making hundreds of changes you can get retrace to your steps all the way with its versatile undo option.

You can try your creative skills on the picture by choosing the creative tool tab on the top, which will take the picture to the next screen. Here, you’ll be able to use an extensive range of special effects to edit the photo.

I suggest you stay tuned to this tool as they will be adding many interesting features in the coming months. I had great fun using this feature to annoy in my friends. Some of their photos came out really funny, once I was through with this online tool.

Once you have finished editing the selected photo, you can save it on the web album with the help of save and share tab. You can also save the edited picture on your computer, make a slideshow on flickr, e-mail it to your friends, take the printout, or upload it on any social networking website.

To use this tool, the minimum system software requirement is Flash 9 player. It works very efficiently while your use Picasa and Flickr. Watch out Adobe, the new updates of this online tool might be more interesting.

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