Flash Element TD is yet another mind boggling game based on a warcraft theme. The trick lies in protecting the tower from being invaded by dangerous creeps that are loaded with harmful and life threatening weapons. To succeed, you have to kill all these creeps and deter them from reaching the top of the game. If they manage to the top, you are declared as a weak contender and are disqualified. Killing the creeps is not a child’s play! You have to follow a potent strategy to build up the tower around the maze. These creeps will try all ways to prevent you from your endeavor of building the tower.

To consistently build up the tower, locate your mouse on the particular place on the map where you want the tower. Once your tower is on place, you can further choose to upgrade it or simply sell it. At the beginning, you are allowed to build just a basic tower. In the advanced levels, you can conduct a comprehensive research on the building material of the tower. Wood can be a potent building material which you will get after every 7th wave of the creeps.

Flash Element TD game is an immensely popular IQ game which pushes people to use their intellect. Every move and step involved has to be planned before implementation to achieve success. By many users, this game is touted as one of the best mind sharpening activities which they love to play at the dawn of the day.

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