Did you always want to create your own games ? Now you can, and you don’t even need to know programming to create a game. If you are wondering how, then visit Pitcogame. Apart from creating your own games, you can play social games and make friends online who enjoy playing similar games.

Pictogame is a unique website that offers provisions to users for generating their own games by making optimal use of their digital pictures. With its easy to comprehend interface, you can easily create games with just a few clicks. Via the means of this website, you can explore your talent and get it acknowledged by the whole range of online gamers.

Using the means of Pictogame, you can easily design your own game widgets, implement innovation to the hilt and share it with the rest of online users by putting them on your blog, website, social network site like Hi 5, Orkut, Twitter, Facebook as well as your MySpace Profile. Launched in 2007 by Bruno Carsenti, the co-founder of zSlide, this website offers an innovative and unique play station to play as well as design games.

By sharing your own games designed via the means of Pictogame on your blog, you will boost the per hour clicks on your blog / site. Make your blog viewing experience a delight for your visitors by offering something new and fun to interact with. Within days your blog will score high in its entertainment quotient and will witness an immense growth in popularity among online audience.

Since Pictogame is the first user driven games community, it provides a potent platform for users to interact with each other and fire their innovative spirit. Owing to extremely social and customizable interface, it attracts a wide belt of audience. Since it is easy to access, the site gives an immense boost to the young enthusiastic gamers of tomorrow.

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