Often the puzzles and quiz snippets featured in the newspaper tease our brain. These brain teasers cajole us to utilize all our inherent intellect powers until we solve the puzzle or find the right solution. According to doctors, such brain teasers boost us to think and thus keep our mind active throughout the day. By many, these teasers are considered mind sharpening activities that push us to think beyond our normal capacity. Apart from the puzzles and quizzes, several IQ games have taken a leap especially to check our smartness and intellect level.

These IQ games are focused at analyzing our smartness by recording the amount of time we take to win in these games. Imagine how it would be like to be faced with varied challenges in the games, where using our intelligence is the only way out to achieve success. These games let you analyze your own intelligent quotient and compare your self with other people. Playing IQ games not only forces us to think, but think faster within the limited allotted time of the game. This is an ideal way to better your IQ level. When you reach a difficult level in the midst of the game, you may fail to succeed once or twice, but, the third time you would use your brains at the utmost level and strategize your moves to win over this time.

Like you set a regime for your physical exercises, similarly, it is important that you set a regime for your mental growth. This can be achieved by starting your day with a new brain teasing IQ game to solve.

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