If you are a fan of soccer and quite bored at work, Facebook comes to your rescue again! With their new update, Facebook has added a secret to the Facebook messenger app. The upgrade is for the Android and the iOS versions of the app. Learn how you can play soccer on Facebook messenger app on your phone.Untitled-3

David Marcus, who leads the Messenger department at Facebook, wrote: “Our little [basketball emoji] Messenger game we launched for March Madness and the NBA season was played over 1 billion times over the course of the last 3 months!” 

“Since you loved it so much, and it’s the Euro 2016 & Copa America… You get where I’m going… [football emojis]! It’s on!”

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Play Soccer on Facebook Messenger

  • It’s quite simple, really. All you have to do is to send the soccer emoji to your friend and then you can start to play the game.
  • Open any chat in your Facebook messenger app. Select the emoji button and find the Soccer emoji.
  • Send the Soccer emoji to your friend.
  • Now that you have sent it to your friend, all you have to do is tap on the soccer emoji to start playing!

Play Soccer on Facebook Messenger

The game is quite simple and addictive. Keep the ball in the air by tapping on it. Tap it at the center to keep it going straight up. Tapping it on the sides will cause it to go sideways and hit the walls. Have fun!

Note that the new update has started rolling out recently and you may not be able to get to play the game immediately. Check the app store/ Play Store for the latest messenger update to get this feature. How high can your score get? Let us know!

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