ScribeFire makes blogging easy and now TwitterBar makes tweeting even more easier. ScribeFire and TwitterBar compliment each as a perfect solution for your blogging and micro-blogging needs.

A lot of people were requesting ScribeFire team to integrate tweeting capabilities to ScribeFire, for which Christopher Finke announced that there was no immediate plan to integrate ‘tweeting feature’ to ScribeFire, as there already exists another tool TwitterBar, which is one of his own other project.

Using twitter bar, you can post updates and links to twitter directly from your browsers address bar. All you have to do is, type the message you want to send and then append ‘–post’ at the end and that’s it, your message will be automatically published to your twitter account.

Or you can click the small twitter icon, which you’ll find at the end of the address bar and that too will post it to your twitter account. As you already might know that twitter has a character limit of 140, you can check how many you are left with if you hover your mouse on the small twitter icon in the address bar.

Now just imagine that you stumbled across something very interesting and you want to tweet about this URL and update your status, all you need to do is just click on the twitter icon and that’s it. No more copying, opening your twitter account, pasting the URL and publishing ! This is the best and the simplest FireFox – Twitter addon.

It works fine with Firefox: 2.0 – 3.5 +

[ Download TwitterBar ]


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