Many times at short intervals, I’ve noticed people asking on forums, how they can downgrade from higher version of Internet Explorer (IE9 or IE8) to previous versions of Internet Explorer like (IE7 or IE6).

There are couple of ways to do it:

1> Steps to downgrade from IE 9 to IE 8: Link 1

2> Steps to downgrade from IE 7 to IE 6: Link 1 and Link 2

3> Steps to downgrade from IE 8 to IE 6: Link 1 and Link 2

People may want to switch back to older version of the browser for various reasons: likness for certain features or ease of use or may be for any other specific reason (if you are a web developer you may want to test websites onĀ different versions of Internet Explorer).

But however, what users do not understand is the security threats that lie in ambush, in a sneaky and secretive manner that might attack your system through loop holes in the browser.

In order to safegaurd yourself from external threats it’s advicable that you always upgrade your Internet Explorer to the latest available version / patches. This will save you from all the potential problems related with older version of Internet Explorer.


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