Best Tips To Prevent Your Laptop/ Notebook From Going Into Sleep/ Hibernation Mode On Closing Of Lid

You must have noticed that, whenever you close the lid of your notebook or laptop, the system turns off the screen display and places your laptop/ notebook into hibernation or sleep (stand by incase of Windows XP ) mode. If you happen to use Windows Vista or Windows XP operating system, you can tweak this behavior of your notebook/ laptop as per your choice.

For users who wish to leave their notebook/ laptop for a short time and be able to begin work immediately on opening the lid, the best option would be turning off or disabling the ability of notebook/ laptop of going into a sleep/ hibernation mode by itself. By doing this, you will be able to get back to work as soon as you re-open the lid of your notebook/ laptop.

For Windows Vista, follow the below mentioned steps to stop your laptop/ notebook from going into sleep/ hibernation mode while you close its lid.

1> Log on to the Laptop/Notebook with administrator rights. Click on “Start” button to access the “Control Panel”.

2> Within “Control Panel”, choose “System and Maintenance” and select “Power Options”.

3> Click on the option “Change Plan Settings” to make changes in currently active plan.

4> Now click on the link that helps you change the “advanced power settings”.

5> Within the dialog box “Power Options”, select the tab “Advanced Settings” for active power plan. Now expand “Power buttons & lid”.

6> Further, expand the option “Lid close action”.

7> For altering the value of “Lid close action”, you need to choose “Do nothing” from the drop-down menu for options “Plugged in” and “On battery”.

Note: The menu also contains other actions such as Sleep, Shutdown and Hibernate from which you can choose any option as per your preference.

8> Click on “OK” button.

For Windows XP, use the following procedure to disable sleep/ hibernation mode in your laptop/ notebook while you close its lid.

1> Log on to the Laptop/Notebook as an administrator. From the Start Menu, select “Control Panel”.

2> Choose “Performance and Maintenance”,

3> Click on “Power Options” and go to the “Advanced” tab.

4> Under the Section “Power buttons”, from the drop-down menu, choose “Do nothing” for the option which allows you to choose your preferred action on closing the lid of your portable computer.

Note: Hibernate and Stand by are the optional actions available within the drop-down menu.

5> Click on “OK” button.

Now you can successfully prevent laptop from sleeping / turning off when you close the lid and this post also gives you more on how to prevent a laptop from going into hibernate mode.


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