It is quite obvious that sometimes people close current windows accidentally which causes loss of work. There is feature “Auto-Saved” available in Microsoft windows operating system that saves your work automatically, if these kinds of incident occur.

However what if, this feature is not available? In such a case, you must have to find out the different way to prevent closing windows unintentionally. Sometimes people have itchy kind of hand and navigate to the close button on the right side of open window accidentally and press it.

It could be a great idea if you were to disable and block the close option for sometime until you finfish your work. It will surely help you to keep your processed data safe and secure. There is a utility named NoClose which is capable of disabling the close button on your instructions.


You just need to install it and you will see that this tiny application will be located into the tray area. Now you just activate it (Ctrl + 1), and once you activate it, “close button” (X) will be disabled immediately.

You can change this setting and enable close button according to your preferences.  You can keep your window open and safe from being closed accidentally by your children or other itchy hands.


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