Print Pictures directly from your iPhone or iPod touch


Your beloved iPod or iPhone from Apple can’t get dearer after the launch of this new application that enables you to print pictures directly from your device. The hassles of transferring the pictures onto the computer and then printing them have been removed by this application.


Celstream Technologies, a global PES (Product Engineering Services) company has set up this new revolutionary application (iPrintApp) that enables mobile printing. This new application allows iPod touch and iPhone users to print their pictures directly from any compatible printer using the Wi-Fi network.

It altogether enriches the experiences of using and sharing via the iPhone and iPod.

Priced at a meager rate of $1.99, this application is surely on road to become a craze among youngsters and college goers. Corporate too will find it useful with its print on the go feature. The application can be purchased through the Apple App Store.



The major benefits of the iPrintApp from Celstream Technologies are given below:

  • Eliminates the requirement of cables, USB, Bluetooth drivers and server applications
  • Enables multi photo printing on a single sheet
  • A maximum of 12 images can be selected per printing job
  • The automatic layout manager rotates images even while ensuring the aspect ratio of the image as best fit
  • Users can reselect or delete photos by using the print preview function. It also allows shrinking and resizing of images
  • The best part is that it allows making and receiving calls while the application is being used. It auto saves the last updated stage and represents it on initialization.
  • The Bonjour Technology from Apple is leveraged, as it allows automatic detection of networked printers supporting PostScript. USB printers which use the Mac SharedQueues can also be used provided they’re in the same network

 With the launch of this application, mobile picture printing is surely going to grow at an unpredictable rate.


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