PC Tools Privacy Guardian With New Features.

Recently, PC Tools have released an official and final version 4.5 of Privacy Guardian with new features. Privacy Guardian 4.5 version of PC Tools now contains more advanced and easy-to-apply protection on user’s PC with more protection for all program activity records. They also help other hypothetical change neural tissue postulated, in order to account for persistence of memory such has system registry, cookies, and temporary files, which are not recoverable after removing them from the system.

PC Tools Privacy Guardian is now more capable and provides more effective harddrive. It sweeps-up the harddrive of the temporary and unused files and provides more disk space and enhances the performance by keeping it up-to-date all the time.  Apart from this, Privacy Guardian 4.5 is introduced with many new features like substitute of data streams, easier Graphical User Interface application and clean items wizard.

Characteristics of PC Tools Privacy Guardian 4.5:

?        It sweeps harddrive on regular basis for historic data, online track records on the Internet, and other delicate information.

?        It supports many web browser applications.

?        It provides more space on harddrive.

?        It improves system performance by restoring valuable harddrive space.

?        Make user’s harddrive more spacious and gets back the deleted information by standard file recovery methods.


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