Advantages of New Firefox Plug-in is the most important online service that allows the user to store and share their private files and documents. has now introduced as a plug-in for Firefox browser, which allows users to take benefit from this service by means of their usual Firefox browser.

When the user utilizes this new add-on along with the Firefox browser, it will make dragging or dropping of the files extra easy to handle. As of the browser’s toolbar, the process of dragging and dropping can be equipped instantly by just a single click.

To make online share point named as “drop” designed for using the drag &, users generally has to visit End users may thereafter utilize their “drops” to upload their documents, video, images, audio, plus other digital content.

User can employ this service without account registrations, or without giving out e-mail addresses. The files or documents are uploaded by the users by simply passing out the files from desktop to the Firefox web browser. The process is a little bit speedy and straightforward.

However, while using this (a brand new plug-in for Firefox), users are offered by the system to skip the “drop” point method. Users can simply drag their documents or any sort of files over check box which appears in little red color in the status bar.

This new application in Firefox browser will generate automatically drop point for user conveniences. It saves fairly plenty of time since the users don’t have to browse the website of add-on intended for Firefox browser works very well. It is cross-platform and so that they can use this feature in Firefox for Windows, Linux and OS X.



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