Problem inserting A JPG / JPEG / GIF Into A Word Document As It Does Not Display In The Document !!

I encountered a strange problem today. I was unable to insert a JPEG / JPG / GIF into a word document. When I insert the image, When I tried inserting the picture, the image wasn’t loading up, but just a thin lined border was showing up. But what was even more strange was, when I changed the view to “Print Preview”, the image could be seen there !

Here is what I was doing – I was clicking on “Insert –> From File –> and was selecting a JPEG / JPG / GIF“.

Here’s how I solved this problem :

1> Click on Tools
2> Go to Options
3> Click on View
4> Check ‘Drawings‘ box,
5> Uncheck the “Picture placeholders” box
6> Select OK.

This should solve the problem. If in case it doesn’t then turn off or reduce your systems hardware acceleration in your systems display driver.

You can do this by

1> Clicking on Start
2> Go to Control Panel
3> Select Display
4> Then Settings
5> Advanced and its under TroubleShooting.



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