Process for Converting RSS Feed Into Personal PDF Magazine Format

Emergence of web feed data make computer like a reading book, with which the webmasters and publishers provide constant updated contents to their readers. With the help of RSS feeds, the publishers can display the most updated news headlines on their websites or Blogs.

Likewise readers and subscribers get most updated contents from their favorite website. If you love to read RSS feed deeply, then you must surely go for the Tabbloid, which offers you different experience of reading RSS feed contents. Tabbloid is the completely free web based application which is designed to convert your favorite RSS feed into PDF newspaper or magazine format.

You can easily read your favorite RSS feed in a neat printable format. So, how will you do this? You just have to go to tabbloid and add it in feeds’ URL and leave everything up to Tabbloid, and rest of the work will be done automatically.

There are some more interesting features also available in Tabbloid, such as you can set specific time to convert your RSS feeds or you can convert it manually. You can choose single or multiple feeds to convert. However multiple feeds will take much time in converting. So now you are ready to get your own personal magazine to read your favorite contents.


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