Ensuring Remote Access for Free: CrossLoop 1.11

People looking for a simple, low-budget solution for remote access to computers can try out the new CrossLoop 1.11. CrossLoop is a secure remote access application designed for all kinds of users – right from the beginners to the advanced ones – and is free. CrossLoop not only allows you to view a remote computer screen but also gives you complete access to that PC – even it is located thousand of miles away. This opens up many possibilities – like helping out someone with a computer problem, or for online collaborations.

The latest version of CrossLoop has a simple interface and is easy to set up. You do not have to make any changes to your PC’s firewall settings or tweak anything in your router configuration. Even beginners can use this application without hassles. The installation is fast and easy, and no sign-up/registration is required. And once you have it in place, it will use your internet connection to connect you with a remote PC.

Moreover, CrossLoop is extremely secure – with strict security norms built into every level. In each session, the exchanged data is encrypted at the point of sending and receiving for total security. Moreover, a 128-bit cryptographic algorithm, plus a 12-digit code (assigned by a random number generator) is used to transfer the data. Explicit permission is required before any screen image is sent over the link.

Installing / Using CrossLoop

You can download the latest version of CrossLoop from here. After installing it, you will be assigned a 12-digit access code at the start of each session. You can share this code with a friend so that the two PC are linked up. Once the connection is made, you can access each other’s machines, and even transfer files.

[ Download Crossloop ]


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