How about a smart software which locks your laptop and saves power when you are not around it ? Pretty cool software to own isn’t it ?

Freeze from PhoenixFreeze is the software you need to get if you want to make your laptop a smart one. Prerequisite is that you need to have a bluetooth enabled phone along with your laptop to use this software successfully.

Download the trial version of Freeze (you can use the trial version for 14 days), install it on your system and pair it up with your bluetooth enabled phone and you are ready to go. Freeze locks your system as soon as you walk away from your system when your system & cell phone are out of the bluetooth range and unlocks as soon as you are back in range.

Watch this video to see freeze in action:

Some of the benefits of freeze are :

1> Increased security: Your laptop is locked when you walk away from your system and is unlocked when you are back in Bluetooth range.

2> Save Power: You can turn on the power-saving “green” mode (standy mode), which is activated when you move out of bluetooth range. This ensures your battery power is conserved and overall computer experience and performance improves.

3> Increases productivity: Every time you lock and unlock your system manually, it consumes time. This time is eliminated as the complete process is automated.

Learn how you can enable bluetooth on your computer and your cellphone. If you have Blackberry, Casio G’zOne Boulder, iPhone 3G, LG Titanium then check out their site as they have detailed explanation how to enable bluetooth on them. If you do not own any of the above mentioned phone, then you check with your cell phone manufacturer on how to turn on your Bluetooth.

[ Get Trial Version of Freeze ]


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