Protect Your Critical Data From Keyloggers With KeyScrambler

It is very much likely that the critical data such as bank account details, credit card number and password that you type inside a web browser is monitored by Keyloggers. These cyber criminals normally monitor and record your keystrokes which can be misused by intruders. Even though your PC is protected with a good anti-virus or anti-spyware program, they generally fail to deal with such attacks.

Using an anti-keylogging program is the only way by which you can take care of this issue. KeyScrambler v2.4.1.1 is a popular anti-keylogging program which has ability to protect each character that you type into your web browser from being recorded and stolen by cyber criminals.

KeyScrambler is a browser add-on which is absolutely free, highly reliable and simple to use. It encrypts everything that you type in your web browser into the kernel and further decrypts your encrypted keystrokes at the destination interface to allow you to view exactly what you type. As the encryption is done at keyboard driver level, it leaves the Keyloggers with only insignificant or futile keys to record.

The best thing about this useful add-on is that, once installed, you do not need to update KeyScrambler frequently like traditional anti-malware or anti-virus programs as this anti-keylogging program is capable of effectively defending old as well as new keyloggers.

Moreover, the user interface of KeyScrambler shows you a real-time encryption while you do the typing so as to give you a better picture of how it efficiently encrypts the keystrokes. KeyScrambler is also able to encrypt and protect Japanese, Chinese and Koran inputs. 

You may download KeyScrambler v2.4.1.1 free of cost. It works well with browsers like Internet Explorer 6 and 7 versions, Flock 1.0 version and above and Mozilla Firefox 1.5 version and above.  It can be used on 32-bit (x86) as well as 64-bit (x64) editions of Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista. You need to have you PC connected to the internet in order to use KeyScrambler.

Once you download and install KeyScrambler on your system, you need to restart your PC after the installation process is over. Once you do so, KeyScrambler will show a small Overlay Window at top left corner for displaying the real-time encryption of keystrokes that you type in your web browser. For more details on how KeyScrambler works, you may refer to its Tutorial and User Manual.


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