Just thought I should share this with my readers. Posting your e-mail address on a domain is a sure-fire way to get an Inbox full of unsolicited e-mail adverts. I now know 2 techniques on how to guard your by hiding them from email-harvesting androids.

1. E-mail Icon ( in image ) : Androids can’t read images! They only read texts. Maybe if one day someone developed a robot that is ready to do Optical Personality Recognition ( OCR ), then this image strategy is quite pointless. One of my favorite, FREE Email Icon Generator for GMail, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo!, AOL and a lot more is http://services.nexodyne.com/email/index.php . Head there and get a free email icon right now !

2. Encode / Encrypt : The FREE Enkoder Form below lets you protects e-mails by changing them into encrypted JavaScript code, hiding them from email-harvesting androids whilst exhibiting them to real folk. FREE Enkoder Form to encrypt your E-mail address regardless of what, the most effective way to be fully safe is to not publish your address at all. Or employ a contact form.


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