Widgets are small windows that keep you updated on the latest updates on web. They can be easily dragged and located any where on your desktop or website / blog. Box.net widget is the latest widget designed to give utmost ease to users at the time of sharing and collaborating their files on their site. This widget lets you easily share files, documents, pictures, presentations, videos, audios and much more on any blog or website. You can send across files through any system located in any part of the world on a blog or a website through a single line of code.

The only requisite for accessing this application is an account with Box.net Widget. After creating the account, you can keep creating and stocking your favorite videos, files and audios in a folder. You can further share these saved files by pasting a boxer.net code on your blog or website. To get the code you have to follow the below steps:

• Click on the folder that contains your files from the menu bar in the Box.net widget.
• Then click on “Get Widget”
• Next, select the color of the widget from the options menu. Then select the desired head of the widget that would appear on the blog or your website.
• You will see a code appearing. Copy that code and paste it on your blog / website.

Box.net widget has sorted easy ways for business organizations and professionals to share their important files with their colleagues. Additionally, it is extremely easy to use. You need not install any plug-in or software to access this application.

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