Quickly Merge The MS Powerpoint Presentation Files

You might sometimes find the need to merge more than a single presentation file together and integrate some parts of a Power Point Presentation into other. Such as, some department heads may possibly present their individual department’s news and reports. Thus, the slides have to be combined for reference and simple filing.

Naturally you may open each and every presentation file and then copy and paste. This takes a quite a bit of time when the files are vast in size, also it can get really boring when you are doing this with multiple files.

You can make use of a small HTML application named as “PowerPoint Join” for quick merger of the presentation files in Power Point. Primarily, you’ll need to collect the entire presentation files within one folder. After that, create a text file (*.txt) and list out the name of the files selected for merging.


This text file should be inside the same directory with you had saved the presentation files for merging. As soon as the above process gets completed, you can use the application and browse for the text file that you have created in that folder. Next, make a click on “combine link”.

After that, you will get to see a blank Window of PowerPoint. Just, close that Window. In that folder that contains the original Power Point Presentation files, the merged file named as combined.ppt will be found. When you open the file combined.ppt, you can see that all the presentation files have been much together.


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