Lazarus is a software development environment based on Pascal which allows you to create applications that can be run on all major operating systems. The development suite has a code editor which is user friendly and which also has the other features such as object inspector, debugger and forms designer.

There is a choice of widget libraries available for you to make your applications compatible with the platforms of your choice. Due to this the applications on different platforms look the same, still retaining the specific characteristics of the operating system for which it is built.

Unlike the other open source languages which, after writing the code can be run anywhere, Lazarus produces code which can be compiled and run in any platform without making any changes. This makes the application extremely efficient and you will have the same product in all the platforms.

The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of Lazarus is a user friendly programming environment for FreePascal compiler which is a stable program having really good features. The latest release has improved editor for displaying the fonts such as Japanese, Chinese and Arabic. It also has highlighting, synchronized editing and persistent blocks.

The debugger also has improvements such as better handling of exceptions, breakpoint properties and windows for assemblers.

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