Computers these days are expensive, cumbersome, and simply a huge hassle for people to purchase, especially if the person buying it is tight on money. Yes, sure spending $500-$1000 on average for a computer may seem normal for some people, but for others that’s unheard of and unnecessary. Unfortunately the world is becoming more and more dependent on technology as it is the key for accessing information and news on a global level. This leaves many impoverished and poor people at a severe disadvantage in such a technologically advanced world.

Thankfully there are many foundations that are working towards increasing internet accessibility to all regions and a new computer has just made their job a lot easier. Imagine having a computer that is small…..really small….in fact, imagine it being as small as a credit card! On top of that imagine this super tiny computer being capable of HDMI video playback, normal computer speeds, internet connection, and USB connection.  Meet the Raspberry Pi!

This delectable device actually comes in two different models: Model A and Model B. Here are the specific features and differences between the two models:

Model A: 128MB RAM, No Wireless Network, Linux OS, ARM11 Processor, Videocore IV GPU

Price:  $25.00

Model B: 256 MB RAM, Ethernet Socket, No Wireless Network, Linux OS, ARM11 Processor, Videocore IV GPU

Price: $35.00

Here is a picture of the Raspberry Pi so you can see how small it is:











Also, check out the hands on video for the Raspberry Pie:


I’m sure you saw the incredible price above and thought “Nah, that’s a misprint! No computer is only $25!” But in fact it is true. The Raspberry Pi is by far the smallest computer that is going to be put out on market! If you have younger children, know a struggling college student, or just need a simple computer yourself you can always spend just a few bucks and get a fully functioning computer that is smaller than your hand.

So what are Raspberry Pi’s limitations?

Of course this computer is small and to slice the price to such a small amount, the creators had to decide which features were absolute must-have’s. The Raspberry Pi does not come with a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and it cannot store data on it. Fortunately getting a monitor is really cheap, you can find a mouse and keyboard anywhere for under $30, and you can store everything on cloud!

When can you get your mitts on an R. Pi?

Well there are some that are being auctioned off at the moment and the auctioning will end in five days. They can be viewed here:

Raspberry Pie Auction One

Raspberry Pie Auction Two

Or you can not spend $800+ for one of the first models and you can wait till its released here in early 2012. Go to the Raspberry Pi homepage and you can sign up for the mailing list and be notified of the release date when they decide on one!


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