Provision to Read Newspapers Related To Our History Provided By Google in Their Actual Format

Many of us have some interests like collecting old coins, currencies of different countries, stamp collecting, and collection of antiques. It’s not so easy to know how newspapers used to be in old historic times.

Google provides a facility to go through all such historic newspapers which reveal how communities used to be in those days. Also we can collect information of crucial historical events, how newspaper used to be in those days, what was the format, layout, content, how editing was done etc.

Google being one of the world’s best search engines has now introduced a provision that allows its users to have a look of historic newspapers by transforming old editions into digital format

Digital format of old newspapers like Pittsburgh, St. Petersburg Times, Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph, Today’s News-Herald are available to users in Google News Archive.

Users can search relevant scanned pages of historic newspapers which would finally take them to the required scanned page with related terms emphasized.


Through this facility both users and partner papers stand to benefit. Through the users end up with essential information they search for partner papers and their new editions.

There is a great significance in finding this solution, as historical information and books can be kept in digital format, and can be provided for user reference for hundreds of years.

[ Visit Google Archive Search To Learn More ]


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