Website of all kind use reCaptchas due to the increase of spam, bots, and other automated processes that come their way. Sites such as forums, blogs, online games, and even regular websites are often target for spammers who try to utilize automated programs for some advantage or gain. This is why reCaptchas and verification images have become increasingly popular because they make it near impossible for anything automated to get through.

Unfortunately reCaptchas and verification images can also block people as well. If you have a problem with your computer then the reCaptchas may not appear and you could be prevented from entering the site, or going any further. This problem can be infuriating because you often aren’t told there is a captcha that you need to fill out!

So if you have finally discovered that there is a hidden or blocked reCaptcha then the first thing you need to do is make sure it is not something in your browser.

If you have Firefox the try switching over to Internet Explorer, and vice versa to see if the verification image works on the other. If it does, then you can assume that the problem is due to an add-on of some sorts, more than likely a pop up blocker that has its filters set incorrectly. Once that add-on is disabled then your reCaptcha should work perfectly after you refresh the page.

Unfortunately the above solution doesn’t always work however there is another simple thing that could be the culprit here: your firewall/anti-virus system. Some of the settings can be set so that they blog entirely too much, or they could have reverted back to the original settings through a glitch. Simply try turning the firewall/antivirus off for a few minutes, refreshing the page, and seeing if this works.

For those of you who have not had any luck with the first two solutions then perhaps this last one will remedy your problem.

The problem might be because you need an update for your computer so first try installing the latest Adobe Flashplayer update here: also try installing the latest Java update here: Once those are both updated, refresh your page and it should work now.

IF ALL ELSE FAILS and the reCaptcha is STILL not working, then it is probably something on their side however this is very rare. If you cannot bypass the captcha then either have a friend or relative try on their computer at home, or wait for about an hour or two and try it yourself again.


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